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Homeless Man Sleeps In A "Dumpster," But Wait Until You See What's Inside...

Last year, Phil Sullivan and Shane Duffy found themselves sleeping on the streets of New York City. They weren't homeless, in fact they weren't even poor - Duffy is a contractor and Sullivan is a male model - it was all part of a social experiment for their new charity.

Duffy and Sullivan are the founders of I Am Supported, a charity trying to eliminate homelessness one person at a time. They scout out deserving people and organize online fundraisers to get them off the streets, with a promise that none of the money will be spent on booze or drugs.

The first person they singled out was Damian Cummings.

NY Post

Through the 4 days and nights the men spent on the streets, Cummings looked after them, showing them where to eat and sleep. He even shared some blankets with them.

To reward Cummings, I Am Supported have organized a GoFundMe page for him, but they've also given him a new, comfortable place to relax.

The pair built a tiny home designed to hide in plain sight. It may look like a regular dumpster, but the wooden container has lights, solar panels, a window and USB ports. Despite all those bells and whistles, it only cost $1,500.

NY Post
NY Post

Plus, it's located in Soho, New York City's trendiest neighborhood. The only downside? Cummings says confused store owners try to throw their trash in his house.

It's not perfect, but the home means a lot to Cummings. Not only is it a safe, warm place to sleep, but it also means he has a place to store his clothes.

Cummings works odd jobs during the day to support himself, and thanks to this home he never has to worry that someone will take his things.

To learn more about I Am Supported, visit their website.

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