Homeless Father Believes In A Higher Power And Is Given A Miracle

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Homeless Father Believes In A Higher Power And Is Given A Miracle

It's hard to imagine being a single parent with nowhere to live. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality for far too many people in the United States and across the world.

It's time that we stop judging and start helping those in our country who just need a little boost.

Leon Logothetis partnered up with Trivago and started the campaign #GoBeKind, which encourages people to help those around him.

Leon, an author and TV personality, travels the globe to find people who just need a helping hand to get their lives back on track. He traveled to Chicago and met a single-father named James who had recently become homeless. He and his young child had moved from New York to Chicago in the hopes of finding a more peaceful lifestyle. James' living arrangements fell through and he found himself on the streets.

Leon struck up a conversation with James, asking what keeps him going. James' answer was simple: his son, and believing there is a higher power than all of us looking out for everyone.

Leon could feel the incredible bond between James and his little boy, so he reached out a lending hand. Leon gave James $1,000 to get back on his feet and also offered to put James and his son up in a hotel for seven nights.

It's this type of gesture that can change an entire person's life. We don't know everyone's back story and we have no right to judge. It's our job as a society to help those close to us so we can all live in a better world.

Check out this incredible video. James is the type of person who expects nothing but deserves everything.

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