Homeowners Tore Down a Wall To Rescue a Little Kitten Who Was Stuck

When they heard a faint meowing inside their Fort Lauderdale home, this family had to make a quick decision to tear out a wall after being set on a rescue mission.

After hearing the noise for the better part of a day, they called Fort Lauderdale Fire Recuse for help to rescue what they though was an animal in distress.

Using thermal imaging, the fire crew were able to locate a little kitten in the walls of the family's home.

Not thinking twice, the family agreed to tear a whole in the wall to safety retrieve the kitten.


When firefighters revealed the little Calico kitten, everyone knew everything would be all right.


"It was a stray that either the mother cat carried into the attic to keep it safe or gave birth up there and this one just wandered," deputy fire chief Timothy Heiser told ABC.

This small orphan kitten is now in a foster home with another motherless kitten.

"She's doing great at drinking from the bottle. The two kittens are like sisters. It will probably be about five more weeks (until they are ready for adoption), as they only weigh .4 lb now," Julie Schaefer, foster mom, told Love Meow.

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