You Can Finally Spend The Night In A Hotel Shaped Like An Anus

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At long last we've finally developed the technology and artistic daring that will realize so many of our dreams. We can now stay in a hotel room shaped like a human anus.

Was...was that not something you ever wanted to do?

The very well named Hotel CasAnus is a hotel shaped like a human colon. Red, veiny, totally tubular, it's a fully furnished with a double bed, kitchen table, lots of windows and of course working plumbing.

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Oh the luxury!

The stand-alone room was the brainchild of Dutch designer Joep van Lieshout and is located just outside Antwerp, Belgium in the Verbeke Foundation Art Park.

CasAnus features prettier surroundings than most butts probably see. Located in rolling hills with ample trees, the sparsely populated park is a great place to get away from it all.

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Of course art rarely comes cheap and staying in a model anus is going to cost you. A day in the derriere runs guests about €120, which is about $140 USD. The price however does cover breakfast and admission to the art park's museum.

Reviews for the hotel fall in the middle of the road. Elena Ki gave it 3 out of 5 stars.

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"Interesting experience... though the room was not very clean inside. Maybe because it is the CasAnus - all should be within the concept. The bed is crooked, wasn't comfortable for two persons," she wrote in her online review.

Liesbet De Meester was taken with the surroundings.

"Walking in the evening and in the morning at ease through the Verbeke Foundation and discovering everything is blissful. In the morning breakfast in the orangerie is very nice."

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Everyone seems to agree that the butt room could do with a wipe, with one guest noting there were ants in the shower.

Regardless of the cleanliness you have to admit, you've never seen an anus hotel like this before!

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