Hotel's Non-Discriminatory Pet Policy Lets Woman Bring Her Horse Into The Room

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Hotel's Non-Discriminatory Pet Policy Lets Woman Bring Her Horse Into The Room

Lindsey Partridge

Traveling with pets can be a pretty tough thing to deal with. For starters, you ever tried getting a cat who doesn't want to go into a cage into one? It's a miracle anyone's ever been able to do so without losing an eye.


Seriously though, the whole thing is a pretty involved process in making sure that your furbabies are comfortable and well-fed enough to survive the trip, and all of that is BEFORE trying to find an accommodation that will put you up for the night with your fur family in tow.


It can be surprisingly difficult to find a place that will willingly put up with you having an animal with you, as most lodgings are afraid of the very high potential animals have to cause damage to their surroundings that will be very expensive to replace.

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However, Supreme 8 in Georgetown, KY appears to be one of the major exceptions to this rule; their receptionists have been quoted as saying they have a complete non-discriminatory policy on pets.

Well, they got a test of that policy they probably never expected when a woman decided to bring her horse into the hotel...

Lindsey Partridge, the creator of Harmony Horsemanship (who work to help riders connect with their horses emotionally) was driving from Pontypool, Canada to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY when she needed to check into her hotel, Supreme 8.

Lindsey Partridge

"We left at, like, 3 in the morning, and when we got down there, the hotel is before you get to the horse park," Partridge, 31, recalled. "We figured we may as well stop and unload our luggage."

When she went inside to check in, she noticed someone with a dog in the lobby and joked that she had some horses outside. Then the receptionist uttered some of the most dangerous words in the English language: "Oh, I don't care. Sure, bring them in."

Lindsay Partridge

The photos of her bringing in her 5-year-old thoroughbred named Blizz have since gone viral on Facebook. Supreme 8 corporate has since commented on the incident, stating "We did not know she was going to bring the horse into the facility. We are pet-friendly, and it is [for animals] 25 pounds and under. We had no knowledge of it being in the room."

Lindsey Partridge

How would you react to seeing a horse in your hotel?