Take A Look Inside The Houseboat Where Tom Hanks Lived As A Teen


Take A Look Inside The Houseboat Where Tom Hanks Lived As A Teen

Dick Thomas Johnson/Realtor.com

While some celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, hail from wealthy and famous families, others had very humble beginnings.

This week, many people got a chance to take a peek into what life was like for one of America's most beloved Hollywood stars, Tom Hanks.

A property the Forrest Gump star once called home has recently been listed for sale, and through the photos, fans are able to better understand how Hanks lived before his big break.

"This lovely home was, long ago, the residence of Amos Hanks, father of the well-known actor," read the listing on realtor.com. "Tom, spent time with his dad in this house."

Although people were a little skeptical about the claim that Hanks lived in the houseboat, the actor himself confirmed it on social media.

Hanks shared a photo of the home on Instagram and revealed that he lived there as a teenager in the 70s with his father and stepmother, Frances.

"It's true. Lived on this from '73-'76," Hanks wrote in the caption. "Amos, Frances and me. Hanx."

The floating property, which is located at Barnhill Marina in Alameda, California, was built in 1973, which means that Hanks and his family were the first owners.

The 1,152 square-foot home has been refurbished since the Hanks family moved out all those years ago, and is now selling for $600,000.

The abode, which is said to be newly painted and carpeted, contains all the basic amenities you'd want in a single family home.

It boasts two spacious bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, stackable washer and dryer, an upper level living area, a kitchen with "an oversize island," range, dishwasher and microwave, plenty of storage space, and a covered balcony with views of the marina.

Check it out:

This house is perfect for not only those who love water, but also for anyone who is looking to downsize and reduce their carbon footprint a bit.

Plus, you'd be owning a cool property whose history would be a great conversation starter.

Would you live in this houseboat?

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