How an Accident Reconstruction Team Can Help Your Case

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How an Accident Reconstruction Team Can Help Your Case

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An accident reconstruction team, as the name implies, can rebuild the scene of an accident to provide answers to certain unknown questions regarding the incident. The team can give a detailed explanation of how the accident took place, what caused it, and who was liable for it. The testimony that this team provides to the jury can be instrumental in helping an accident victim obtain maximum compensation from the liable party or parties.

An Accident Reconstruction Team: What Is It?

An accident reconstruction team is a group of causation forensic professionals that leverages science to identify the actual cause of an accident. This team handles all traffic accidents, including those involving automobiles, buses, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians.

A reconstruction team can also be helpful in a plethora of other scenarios. The team analyzes the specifics of the accident using principles of mathematics, engineering, and physics to come up with evidence that a car accident attorney can use to put together a strong compensation claim against the at-fault party.

Why is an Accident Reconstruction Team Important?

An accident victim must demonstrate the other party acted negligently to recover damages in a car accident lawsuit. An accident reconstruction team can conduct an in-depth investigation and recreate the incident to establish fault for the accident. The team will assess all crash-related factors like speed, angle, injuries severity, and damages.

The reconstruction team can communicate its findings to the jury in a clear, precise way. The objective here is to ensure the jury fully understands what factors contributed to the accident and why a specific party was or wasn’t liable. Given that the findings are based on scientific principles, the reconstruction team adds a human, practical touch to the testimony to help the jury properly comprehend the data.

With many courts embracing the latest technology, the team can use various demonstrative aids to better explain the facts of the accident to the jury. The team can use three-dimension models or virtual reality programs to reconstruct the accident.

The testimony provided by the accident reconstruction team can help clarify conflicting witness statements. Two witnesses can have different accounts of an accident, depending on where each of them was standing when the accident happened. The simple explanation is that different angles resulted in different lines of vision, significantly affecting what each of them saw. The accident reconstruction team can explain inconsistencies between the conflicting statements.

Accident reconstruction can also safeguard a victim’s right to full compensation, especially if the accused person(s) in the lawsuit argue that the victim was partly liable for the accident. In such cases, injury lawyers use the reconstruction team’s findings to validate the victim’s claims against the other party, increasing the victim’s chances of recovering full damages.

Determining Whether Hiring an Accident Reconstruction Team is Necessary

Each accident is different. Straightforward crashes where the at-fault party is obvious don’t require an accident reconstruction team. Crashes that, however, involve multiple vehicles or multiple liable parties may require a reconstruction team to gather evidence to substantiate the victim’s claim. A rideshare accident attorney can advise a person injured in a rideshare crash involving multiple at-fault parties whether working with a reconstruction team will help his or her case.

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