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There's Actually Some Logic Behind How Your Dog Picks Their Favorite Person, Here's How They Do It


Dogs love everyone, it's a fact. But sometimes there's that one person they connect with even more.

It could be your dad, your brother, your best friend, your daughter...there's really no logic as to who dogs will connect with. At least, not logic we see.

However, there are ways you can really coax your dog into picking YOU as their favorite person. These are some of the ways dogs choose the person they love the most.


Up until the age of 6 months is considered a dog's key socialization period. Puppies are very receptive to new things, which is why spending a lot of time with them in that time period is so crucial. If you adopt a dog at an older age, that doesn't mean socialization isn't important. Early experiences are when it's most important, but even later in life dogs react positively to socialization.

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Dogs love the people that give them the most attention. This doesn't just mean physical attention either. It could be the person who fills their bowl in the morning or the person who takes them for a walk at the same time every night!

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Positive Association

The same way kids tend to 'prefer' the parents or relative who only does fun things with them, dogs prefer people who give them treats or play with them at all times. If you are always the one taking the dog to the vet, they may associate you with that which is not a positive thing. However, if you greet your dog with treats every time you see them, chances are you'll become a favorite.

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If you are looking to become your dog's favorite human, here are some things to try:

  • Play fetch, tug, or hide and seek.
  • Have a training session. Working on new skills, or reinforcing old ones, is a great way to bond!
  • Try a sport like agility or flyball where you and your dog can work together as a team.
  • Give your dog a grooming session or massage.
  • Food is love.

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Are you your dog's favorite human?

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