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How Hard Can It Be To Get A Bagel? This Funny Video Shows What It's Like Living With A Disability

Living with a disability makes everything a little more difficult. We take things like access to public transportation for granted, but simply getting around in a big city can be an impossible struggle for some people.

Zach Anner found that out the hard way when he was challenged to track down one of New York's most popular foods: the famous rainbow bagel. Anner is an author and YouTuber who makes funny and honest videos about living with Cerebral Palsy.

According to Google Maps, his trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn shouldn't take more than an hour and a half, but things don't work out that way.

Warning: there's some colorful language in this quest for a rainbow bagel, but it's all bleeped out.

It's a funny video, but it has a serious purpose: raising awareness for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Around the world, 17 million people just like Zach live with this neurological condition.

We may think our world is pretty accessible, but it really isn't. For example, only 1 in 5 subway stations in New York have elevators.

Hopefully this great video makes people think about accessibility!

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