How is Title IX helpful in an investigation process?

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How is Title IX helpful in an investigation process?

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There are certain things that are happening all around the world that are against the law and hidden from the eyes of justice. Someone hurts somebody and easily gets away with it and this pattern has been carried out for as long as you can remember. The justice system in the world has started to get more efficient over the time period of a few decades. People had to come out on the streets to ask for justice for their loved ones, while taking notice of all these things more efficient governments decided that they would come up with laws and regulations that will protect the rights of all human beings living in a certain place. With the passing out of these days, the world has slowly started to move towards stability.

These laws can help investigate certain crimes and can also help seek justice for those who need it. There are a lot of people in the world who are stripped of their right to do something based on their sex. It is the educational sector in which people are held back from doing certain things just because of their sex. To counter this situation the government came out with a law called Title IX.

What is Title IX?

The US department of education's office for civil rights came up with a law called Title IX of the education amendment of 1972. Title IX was formed to provide security to those people who face discrimination on a daily basis due to their gender. This law is specifically for those people who face discrimination in the educational programs and activities that receive funding from the federal government. When the federal government provides assistance it also helps secure the rights and needs of the people who it is helping.

Those people who file a complaint or are the respondents in the process are allowed to have a Title IX advisor with them during the process. The sole purpose of this is that the advisor can help the person during the process and give insight on things that they don't know about. A Title IX advisor in California will be your safest option if you are going through something similar and need timely assistance.

How do these advisors help with the investigation?

After facing discrimination based on their sex when a student or an employee of the educational sector files a complaint the Title IX advisor offers his support to them so that they can go through the process smoothly without having any hurdles. During these investigation meetings, different questions are asked that have to be answered according to the instructions of the Title IX advisor.

Can the advisor be changed? There is nothing that is not possible these days. Yes, the Title IX advisor can be changed because it is the right of the student or the employee who has filed the complaint. If they are not satisfied with the advisor all they will have to do is inform the Title IX office 14 days before the hearing. In the case that there is no advisor present the educational institution is required to appoint one to the person who has filed the complaint. The advisor cannot represent or speak for the person as a lawyer can but they can put forward the complaints and concerns that were shown during the investigation process.

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