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How These Zoo Animals Were Rescued From ISIS

A dangerous rescue operation in war-torn Iraq saved two lucky survivors this week, as the last animals from the city of Mosul's abandoned zoo were relocated to Jordan.

Four Paws International, a charity that specializes in rescuing animals from war zones, spent months trying to get Simba the lion and Lula the bear to safety.

Living in a private nature park, these two creatures were caught in the crossfire between the Islamic State and the Iraqi military, but now they're recovering in a safe, new home.



The zoo's owners abandoned their animals as the fighting got bad, and many either escaped or died waiting to be rescued.

Only Lula the bear and Simba the lion survived, thanks to their generous neighbors who shared food with them.


When vets arrived at the park in February, the animals were sick and living in filthy cages.

After endless piles of paperwork and a 2-week wait at the country's border, the animals were finally flown to Jordan, where they'll be rehabilitated.



While Simba had skin, joint and eye problems, as well as a nasty respiratory infection from waiting at the border, he's gaining weight and recovering slowly.

Lola reportedly seemed nervous in her new home, but she warmed up after seeing the tasty apples in her enclosure.

Thankfully these animals are safe and sound now! It's only too bad more couldn't be rescued.

[H/t: AOL]

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