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How To Make The Best Mashed Potatoes Every Time

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In our continuing series of perfecting home recipes, this week we will endeavor to make the straight-forward but delicate side dish that goes with just about anything!

Grab your spuds and hop on the paddy-wagon, because we're making mashed potatoes!

Step 1: Don't Hate The Taters, Hate The Game

Making the greatest potato mash to grace the dinner table means you have to start with the right ingredients. Instead of going with smaller potatoes, often used for boiling or roasting, go with the larger and more starchy ones, which give you that heavenly, fluffy texture!

Step 2: It's Not Very A-Peeling

Another quick tip is to not peel the potatoes when you go to boil them. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that it is easier to remove the skins post-boiling anyway. The second is that it makes the water less starchy, meaning they will absorb more butter/milk/cream later on. Finally, eating the skins is good for your digestive tract! Go on, give the crunch a try!

Now pay attention, this is where things get dairy!

Step 3: Spuddenly, You're In Hot Water

When you go to boil your potatoes, stir in roughly 1-2 tablespoons of salt into the water. You'll want to cover them in an inch of water, and put a lid on it until you achieve a rolling boil! After that, leave them uncovered for roughly 30 minutes, or when a knife can easily poke into the veggie.

Now you should heat two sticks of butter and two cups of half-and-half separately from the potatoes. Add another tablespoon of salt for taste.

Step 4: M*A*S*H

This is the fun part. Here we go! Drain the potatoes, place them into a large enough container and start mashing! Note: Do not use a food processor or blender for this. Trust me, what you end up with does not resemble mashed potatoes in the slightest.

Once they start looking pulpy, add the dairy from before and continue until it is fully mixed together. It is recommended to add minor ingredients here for taste. Some good choices include garlic and chives!

Step 5: But I'm Fancy

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