How to Make a Basic Wardrobe for Boys and Girls

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How to Make a Basic Wardrobe for Boys and Girls

Children grow up quickly, so they often have to change clothes. When the weather changes, moms are usually wondering if the child already has a small jacket or boots. So, it is important to periodically revise children’s clothing and check what needs a replacement shortly. Today, we will help you to assemble a basic wardrobe for toddler boys and girls.

Girl’s Basic Wardrobe Kit

The girl’s closet may be full of things most of which are not compatible. This problem is solved by collecting a basic wardrobe, in which everything is enough. It includes perfectly sitting quality things for everyday usage. Here are some suggestions for a basic wardrobe, which you can either pick up on site or buy at the nearest mall:

  1. Several sets of light and warm underwear;
  2. 2-3 t-shirts of calm colors;
  3. Classic models of shorts, capris, and skirts for different seasons;
  4. Several sweaters of various design: with buttons, with a zipper, etc.;
  5. 2-3 sweatshirts;
  6. 3-4 pairs of tights of different colors and densities;
  7. Light and warm pants for different weather;
  8. Outerwear;
  9. Hats. You need at least three: a cap for summer, a light fall-spring, and warm winter hats;
  10. Shoes for different seasons: sandals, shoes, sneakers, boots.

Pay particular attention to the comfort of basic things. Do not chase the trendy and ultramodern items. Give your preference to classic comfortable models. Choose neutral colors (white, black, beige) and a couple of those that most advantageously present the appearance of the child.

Boy’s Basic Wardrobe Kit

Every age has its own basic clothes, but certain things are always worn. So, for everyday usage the boy needs:

  1. Several sets of underwear: 3-4 T-shirts and 5-6 underpants for change;
  2. A pair of dark and light sweaters for cold windy weather;
  3. 2-3 light and warm sweatshirts;
  4. Two light and two warm pairs of trousers;
  5. Two summers and two denser shorts;
  6. A pair of tights and a few pairs of socks. Pick up dark tights, warm and thin socks as well. For older boys, purchase thermal underwear.
  7. Outerwear. For different weather, you need a windbreaker, a jacket, and a coat.
  8. Hats: a summer cap, autumn-spring cap, and a winter hat.
  9. Footwear: sandals, shoes, sneakers, boots, winter boots.

When purchasing the boy’s wardrobe try on clothes and shoes, make sure that the child is comfortable. Identify a couple of colors that are most suitable for the boy, and buy basic things in such colors. In this case, do not forget about white and black items.

In Conclusion

The basic wardrobe is selected for all occasions. Before purchasing clothes, consider the pros and cons, think about whether the child really needs a thing, whether it is functional and of high quality, and how to combine it with the rest of his\her clothes. Good luck!

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