How to Spruce up Your House's Curb Appeal

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How to Spruce up Your House's Curb Appeal

Your home's curb appeal is important when you decide to sell it. It is also important during the time that you live there. Simple improvements can substantially improve the appearance of your house. This makes it more attractive and welcoming. These are a few steps that you can take to give your home's appearance a boost. You'll also find that they help your home to function more efficiently saving you money in the long run.

Update Your Roof

Your home's roof accounts for a large portion of your home's visual exterior. An outdated or damaged roof can create substantial structural problems. If your roof needs more than cosmetic repairs, consider replacing it with stone-coated steel roofing. This lightweight material is 100% recyclable. It also carries a class A fire rating with a Class 4 resistance to a hail impact. This makes it a long-lasting, smart material to work with.

Address Your Front Walk and Driveway

If your front walkway is damaged, repairing or replacing it will give your home a more polished, inviting look. Flagstone is a durable natural sedimentary rock that can be used for the walkway. It can also be used in the landscape to visually pull everything together. Next, consider your driveway. This is a place where dirty, broken concrete can be visually distracting. If the driveway is sound, use a power washer to clean it up. While you are working, you can also power wash your home's siding, porch and patio areas to give them a fresh, clean appearance. If you don't own a power washer, it can easily be rented from the local home maintenance center.

Spruce Up Your Yard

Your front yard can have just as much impact visually as your home. That's why it needs attention, too. Keeping the grass mowed and leaves raked will keep it looking tidy and well cared. Having neatly trimmed shrubs and bushes in the front yard can frame your home's curb appeal. Consider adding flower beds for touches of color throughout the yard. This instantly enhances your home's curb appeal. Plan the types of plants that will work with a particular season. You should also consider how those colorful plants will coordinate with the color of your home. They should complement your home both in size and color.

Window Washing

Simply washing your home's windows inside and out will automatically give it an extra sparkle. For the outside, begin by spraying the windows down with a hose. This will remove any surface dirt, cobwebs and leaves. Follow up by washing the windows with a mixture of mild detergent and vinegar to make them shine clean. For upper windows, use a ladder safely to reach them or, alternatively, use a specially made nozzle that can spray the cleaner for a longer distance. Finish the project by cleaning the windows on the inside. You'll immediately notice that your home receives a brighter natural light throughout.

Update Your House Number

Over time, your house number can begin looking worn due to exposure to the elements. Replacing the numbers with something more stylish is eye-catching. This is a low-cost, painless upgrade that gives you immediate results.

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

After being exposed to the elements for many years, light fixtures can lose their luster. Also, they may simply be out of date. Outdoor lighting, such as along a walkway or beside a door, is functional and increases safety. You can also leverage the cosmetic power of outdoor lighting to highlight your property. The number of outdoor lighting options is very broad, so you can find the fixtures that suit your taste and style.

Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Your home's energy efficiency can be improved with simple improvements such as caulking windows. While you are making improvements, it's also a good time to service your HVAC unit. If it needs to be replaced, you have the opportunity to improve efficiency from 20-50%. This is real savings for you. Roofing improvements can help you realize additional savings.

Bolstering your home's curb appeal can be achieved with some small home improvements. Subtle changes can make a true difference in the appearance of your home.

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