How to Stay Safe On Winter Roads

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How to Stay Safe On Winter Roads

It's not news that winter roads are tricky to drive on for the most part, and each time you leave home you take a risk. Here are five things that you can do to stay safe on the roads this winter season.

Drive Smoothly

The very first tip is to make smooth motions while driving and to avoid jerking the steering wheel or applying brakes and accelerating haphazardly. All of these things can make you lose control of your car in an instant, so avoid doing so. When taking corners, turn slowly and smoothly to avoid veering off the road, and you will be better able to control your car. With over 2.2 million miles of paved roads in America and 94% of them surfaced with asphalt, it's clear to see the scale of risk because you will be driving on these roads more often than not. Roads not paved with asphalt can be slippery when covered in ice, and this is why you need to take extra care at all times.

Get Winter Tires

To make sure that your car is in good shape for the weather, install winter tires as soon as the season changes. These are designed to have better traction, which will help you to control your car better on icy roads. Don't take this as a substitute for slow, safe driving, however, because the tires play their part and it's up to you to complete the equation. Snow tires will help you stay less anxious while on the roads, so take the time and spare the money to fix them; they will help you get back home safely.

Service Your Car

If your car is due for service, don't neglect to do so as winter comes around. Go a step further after servicing your car to change the oil after every recommended distance or time, whichever comes up first. Generally, it's recommended that you change your oil after every 3,000 miles, but different manufacturers may have different recommendations, so follow them keenly. These measures may seem small, but they will make a big difference when you drive a well-tuned car that is performing optimally even in winter.

See and Be Seen

During winter, visibility is king. It's important to not only make sure that you have good visibility of the road but that you are also visible to other drivers. Get new headlights if your current ones are worn out, or clean them up if they are simply dirty. Drive carefully and slowly, not aiming to drive at the speed limit but rather at the speed you have full control and a good enough reaction time. Take into account that other drivers may not be as careful as you are, factoring this into the decisions you make on the road.

Keep Emergency Contacts Close

It's best to be safe and prepared from the moment you leave home by making sure you have a winter emergency kit in your car at all times; this includes the number of a reliable towing company on your phone on the speed dial. According to IBISWorld, a market researcher, the towing market in the United States is worth more than $8 billion, a number that was expected to grow by 11% in 2021. Don't wait until you're in an emergency to start looking for a towing company's contact information.

The five tips above should help you stay safe while on the roads this winter. Share this information with other people in your life to make sure that everyone you know stays safe on the roads.

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