How Using Q-TIP Can Change Your Daily Life

When the Q-Tip was invented, it was called the "Baby Gay." It was the 1920s and things were a little different. The product wasn't selling well, so the inventor decided to call it the Q-Tip (q for quality) and it's now become a household name.

The name Q-Tip isn't just for cotton swabs, either! It's actually a great reminder on how we need to live our lives.

Quit Taking It Personally!

This acronym is a great reminder that we can't control everything, that's up to God Himself. So when we stop taking things personally, we allow Him to do His work as He sees fit. Who are we to deny God's will? Q-TIP and focus on what you can control!

In Public Safety

Here are some scenarios in which you should Q-TIP and move on!

  • The traffic jam is making you late for work so you get angry. QTIP and take some deep breaths! The world moves on.
  • The book or phone you can't find is just an object. QTIP and spend some time with your family!
  • Your boss wants you to finish a job your co-worker started (and never completed.) QTIP and figure out a way to solve the problem!
  • The last 5lbs you can't lose are just fat. QTIP and love the body you're in!

God works in mysterious ways. Stress can be a way to test your faith in Him, so make sure you show Him how much you appreciate his love!