How Would You Like To Make A Living Petting Dogs?

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How Would You Like To Make A Living Petting Dogs?

Of course you would. It sounds amazing doesn't it? Well this is a real job and you should probably brush up that resume.

Becoming a Pet Massage Therapist is a relatively recent position but there is even a National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage that will teach you the best way to pet dogs professionally. Yes there is a best way to do it.

Well, it isn't as simple as just petting, they are actually full on massages. Dogs, like humans, can suffer from chronic aches and pains whether from medical conditions or just from getting older.

Lola Michelin from the Northwest School of Animal Massage claims "regular massage throughout the life of your pet may help prevent the stiffness and pain that contributes to arthritis."

There is actually medical evidence that this works for animals. Mary Jean Ballner from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy says that there are many benefits for your pet.

"Physiologically, massage stimulates the body's nerves, muscles, circulatory system and lymphatic system. It enhances range of motion, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, relieves muscle spasms and helps to flush away toxic compounds such as lactic acid, that cause pain."

Check the local laws in your state to see what the rules are for you, but there are even home study programs like this one from Equissage to get your certification.

Would you become a dog masseuse? It sounds pretty much like the greatest job doesn't it?