How Would You Like To Send Your Cat To A 5-Star Hotel?

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How Would You Like To Send Your Cat To A 5-Star Hotel?

Because all cats know they are royalty, they can now demand to live like it. In Malaysia, there is the world's first five-star hotel that is specifically for cats. That's right... Not a hotel where you can bring your cat, but a hotel where your cat can go and be pampered to the highest level.

There are spa treatments, grooming services, and a full staff to care from them all monitored on a CCTV that the owners can check in on if they want to see how their cats are doing while they are away.

There are four categories of rooms  with the top of the line being the VVIC (Very Very Important Cat Room) that has three king size beds a mini playground and a toilet (I assume they mean litter box). It houses up to 10 adult cats or one mom with her kittens.

The other rooms can fit 3-7 cats with bed sizes ranging from queen to single. Some rooms have showers, air conditioning and for some reason Wi-Fi. You know, in case your cat has to check in on Intagram or Facebook.

Other than grooming and boarding, this cat hotel offers a "dating" service that says it will find your cat true love. Or at least a mate while they are in heat.

You have to give it up to them, it is kind of an original idea. If you want to check it out here is their website and their Facebook.

Would you ever send your cat to a 5-star hotel?

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