Hugh Grant Reveals One Of His Co-Stars Wanted To Kill Him


Hugh Grant Reveals One Of His Co-Stars Wanted To Kill Him

Hugh Grant, best known for his lead roles in a number of romantic comedies, like Bridget Jones's Diary and Love Actually, is currently on a promotional tour for his latest movie, The Paddington 2, and one of his stops included an interview with People magazine's editor-in-chief, Jess Cagle.

The British actor got very candid during the interview and had some very interesting but funny things to say when asked about his former co-stars.

Cagle asked Grant to say the first word or thought that came to mind whenever a name was mentioned, and the actor did not hold back.

He described Emma Thompson, whom he worked with on Sense and Sensibility as well as Love Actually as a "genius," but added that she is "not remotely sane. She's nuttier and nuttier as the years go."


He also used "genius" for Meryl Streep, who was his co-star in the 2016 biographical comedy-drama Florence Foster Jenkins. But of course, that was not all.

"She doesn't see very well, but she refuses to wear contact lenses," Grant explained. "The result is, if we're doing a scene, I could have been Denzel Washington."

Grant also got very honest about what it was like to work with Renee Zellweger and Robert Downey Jr., and that one of them wanted to kill him.

So who was it?

It definitely wasn't Zellweger who wanted to do away with Grant. In fact, he mostly had nice things to say about the Bridget Jones actress.

"Renee loves me and I love Renee," he admitted. "Well, I mean she's in the same category as Emma Thompson, in terms of lunacy, but an amazing actress of course, and very generous. She once sent me a fabulous huge volume of beautiful photography, including a lot of semi-undressed women. I remember it because I had just landed in Marrakesh ... and the book was impounded."

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However, when it came to Downey Jr., Grant sang a very different tune.

In 1995, Grant worked alongside Downey Jr. on the film Restoration, but apparently, there was some bad blood between them.

As soon as Cagle mentioned the Iron Man star's name, Grant said that he did not get along with him, but he couldn't understand why.

"He hated me," Grant said. "He took one look at me and wanted to kill me," adding, "I was so hurt."

Grant's allegations reached Downey Jr.'s ears and he took to Twitter to let his former costar know that he's ready to bury the hatchet.

"A lot has happened over two decades!" tweeted Downey Jr. "I respect how Mr. Grant has matured as an artist & voice against violations of privacy. Let's break bread together soon @HackedOffHugh! #burythehatchet2018"

Even Mark Ruffalo chimed in calling Downey Jr. "a class act" for calling an end to the decades-long feud.

You are a class act Mr Downey. Sweet proof of the mighty power of renewal and redemption. Honored to have known you for two miraculous decades.

Downey Jr. rarely tweets or responds to reports, so clearly he felt strongly about Grant's remarks and wanted to make sure they could move forward from something that happened 23 years ago.

Do you think Grant should've brought the feud up? Let us know in the comments!

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