Humans Aren't The Only Thing That Keep Animals As Pets

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Humans Aren't The Only Thing That Keep Animals As Pets

Most of us have been lucky enough to grow up with a loving pet at home. Cat people and dog people can always agree on one thing: pets make lives better. Well someone else apparently agrees with that too - tarantulas.

Yes those creepy crawly nightmares are actually loving and nurturing owners of pets just like we are. You won't find them walking their dog though, these arachnids have a fondness for frogs, and nothing else.

Tarantula and Frog
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Tarantulas will actually take a small frog back to it's hovel (tarantulas don't spin webs, they live in tiny holes) and keep the frog. The frog will eat smaller insects that a tarantula wouldn't bother with like ants, ticks and other such nuisances. This in turn keeps the tarantula's eggs safe.

Yay, more tarantulas!

Symbiotic relationships aren't new or uncommon in the wild, but what makes this relationship special is that a tarantula will actually show affection to the frog. Using one of its legs the spider will actually stroke the frog on the back, not unlike how we pet our animals.

No word yet on if frogs like belly rubs.

Also interesting is that tarantulas only like one species of frog, and will actually eat other ones. Researches have reported tarantulas mounting frogs, tasting them, and then walking away, leaving a frog unharmed.

Special Frog
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Oops, how embarrassing.

These behaviors have been seen on multiple continents too, meaning spiders have evolved to keep frogs more than once. Maybe they are just looking for their prince?

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