Cat Proves He Is The Ultimate 'Husband' When Mother Cat Has Kittens

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Cat Proves He Is The Ultimate 'Husband' When Mother Cat Goes Into Labor


Normally when a cat gives birth they do so alone. Not this one! This lucky lady had her favorite guy by her side the whole time!

When this mama started to give birth to her kittens her "husband" stayed by her side without fail for the entire time even when he was getting sleepy.

Have you ever heard of a cat doing this? I sure haven't! He even helped her clean up after it was all done!

His work wasn't done there

Labor is never easy, that's why they call it labor. But with husbands like these, maybe it can be a little easier.

After all the kittens were born, he jumped right in and snuggled up close, congratulating his true love on her hard work.

Such a proud papa!

He even gave mom a little break so she could get some water.

Like all good parents they know how to share responsibilities.

These two are going to make excellent parents!

Congratulations to the happy couple!