Scientists Release Footage Of This New Animal That Looks Like A Tennis Ball"

The EV Nautilus is a research ship that's exploring the ocean, mapping it and sharing video of the creatures that live in it. They've captured lots of great video of seals, crabs and fish, but sometimes they find something more unusual.

The ocean is the most under-explored part of our planet, and there are some really strange things lurking in the water. Animals have to adapt to the unique environment of the ocean floor, and that makes some weird looking creatures like this hairy tennis ball.

Watch what happens when they poke it (very nicely, for science), even the researchers are surprised.

If you're worried that there are tiny, tennis ball-shaped aliens lurking in the ocean, don't be. Apparently this is an ocean worm called a terebellid or "bristle worm."

They live in small holes they dig in the sand or mud and use their tentacles to scoop up food. Scientists are still learning about these creatures, but apparently there are dozens of brightly colored species like this.

If you want to see more footage from the Nautilus you can watch their video stream here.

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