Is Meghan Taking Control Of The Relationship? Her Unexpected Ultimatum To Harry Says It All

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We just heard the good news that Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle are planning to start a family as soon as possible after their May 19th wedding. For all of us "Royal Watchers," this was music to our ears.

As adorable as Prince George and Princess Charlotte are, we are beside ourselves with excitement about what Meghan and Harry's offspring will be like! And I am sure we will be just as charmed by their kids as we are by William and Kate's!

As the wedding - and the start of their family - looms, there is one little hiccup in the plans and Meghan has not been shy about bringing it to Harry's attention. After all, if he is going to be the father of her children, she has every right to question areas of concern in that regard.

Apparently, Harry has a few bad habits that Meghan would like to see disappear before the children start coming along, and Harry is taking her concerns very seriously.

It's his smoking, that has Meghan worried. Since Harry is not a heavy smoker but still lights up occasionally, she is not so concerned about the direct effects on his health. But there is another side effect of the nasty habit that could get in the way of their plans.

Experts have long warned that smoking in a man can reduce sperm count and that cutting back or quitting can dramatically increase the chance of conceiving. And since the couple has openly declared that they hope for a pregnancy straightaway, it would seem wise to eliminate any preventable obstacles to that end.

It's also been reported that Meghan is urging him to take better care of his health, overall, and Harry has responded by setting out on a new workout regimen.

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