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A Strange Message On Facebook Led This Family To Find Their Stolen Dog

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In Illinois, Briana Martin, along with her little boy named Noah and her little girl named Anastasia, lost their family pet over six months ago. They thought they were never going to see her again. They had her tied out back like usual, but when they went out to bring her back inside, she had vanished.

“The dog was left outside on a cable that screws into the ground,” said Martin. “He went out to get her 30 minutes later, and she was gone. Her collar wasn’t there. Nothing was broken as if she had gotten loose. It appeared she had been stolen.”


Briana and her family searched for Feather every time they left the house. They spent that time terrified someone had sold Feather to a dog fighting ring, or worse. Her kids mourned their best friend every day.

“They still get up every morning and say ‘mommy, is Feather coming home today? are you going to find the people that have her?'” said Briana while Feather was still missing.


After months of searching non-stop for Feather, the family had nearly given up hope that they would ever see their precious fur baby again.That is, until one day Briana got a message on Facebook from a mechanic shop in Davenport.

“My cousin just informed me that my parents stole your dog out of my yard. I don’t talk to them so I didn’t know they had her. I was given this as their address,” said the message.

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