Robin Spotted The Wet Box And Heard The Pitiful Cries, But She Was Unprepared For What Was Inside

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Animal rescue pros come across all kinds of situations that average folks just can’t wrap their heads around.

It’s all in a day’s work as they continually help our four-legged friends in need.

Of course, those situations can come up in the most unexpected ways from time to time…

Such was the case when One By One Animal Advocates and The Paws Squad arrived at a local animal shelter in West Virginia to pick up a dog and a cat they planned to take into their care.

When they arrived, however, they heard a rather distinct sound that wasn’t coming from inside the shelter.

Paws Squad volunteer Robin Kilgore investigated, and she quickly realized the meow sound was coming from a cardboard box near the shelter.

The box was soaked through and in bad shape, and the sound coming from within was sad, pitiable, and desperate.

Robin quickly opened it and discovered that inside of the box was a mama cat and her scared, hungry kittens.

That in and of itself was a heartbreaking sight but there was something else:

Due to the poor conditions, the mama cat was doing her best to provide shelter, comfort, and nourishment for three adorable kittens.

The cardboard box was completely soaked, and the same held true for the felines inside.

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