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Not all moves are good: The 7 exercises to avoid

It is not a surprise for anybody that men and women are physiologically quite different creatures. Therefore, it is quite logical to conclude that they should also train their bodies with the help of fitness in different ways. Those parts of the body that are praised in a man (broad shoulders, powerful back, strong arms and legs) will by no means be a decoration for a woman's figure. Let's see what exercises all women should exclude from their training program, or in any case not to lean too hard on them in order to stay beautiful and healthy. There are some better options:

Crunches. These exercises are old-fashioned and will not be good for you. It is better to try a two-week Plank challenge and see great results.

Supermans. It puts a big load onto your lumbar spine. Try single-arm farmers carry, it will be better for you.

Back extensions. This can be too stressful for your back. It is better to do other stretching exercises.

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#1. Crunches

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#2. Supermans

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#3.Back extensions

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#4. Windshield Wiper

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#5. Rolling Plank

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#6. Plank Sweep

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#7. Plank with Hip Twist

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Credit: BetterMe

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