The top 10 symptoms of diabetes people should start taking seriously

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Have you checked the blood sugar level? Do you have an increased glucose level? You should act. The statistics on diabetes mellitus is appalling: more than 60 million people are already sick, and every 10-15 years the number of cases is doubled.

It turns out that almost every family has a diabetic, but many people do not even know about their disease. Most often diabetes is a hereditary disease. However, the type of this inheritance is quite complicated. It is believed that inherited predisposition to diabetes mellitus, and whether it manifests itself or not, depends on the lifestyle of a person.

The whole problem with human health lies in his unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, untimely referral to the doctor. A lot of troubles and serious complications could be avoided, if people considered it as a rule a preventive visit to a doctor.

So, diabetes mellitus is one of the most dangerous diseases, and it could not have been manifested if everyone had followed the simplest rules of nutrition and life. The main thing is to know all early symptoms of diabetes, to take them seriously and to consult a doctor even if you have one or two of them:


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#1.     Unusual thirst and frequent urination. Glucose accumulates in large quantities in the urine and creates a strong pressure on it, which leads to frequent visits to the toilet.

#2.     Increased hunger. Cells send signals about hunger to the brain simply because all the processes of splitting, digestion and metabolism are violated.


#3.     Weight loss. A sharp weight loss is one of the earliest symptoms of diabetes.

#4.     Extreme fatigue or lack of energy, when a person simply does not have the strength to perform the simplest daily activities - get out of bed or take hygiene procedures.


#5.    Blurred vision. When the blood sugar level is high, eye diseases and a sense of "sand in the eyes" develop and is the first sign of problems starting.

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#6.    Frequent or recurring infections and cuts and bruises that are slow to heal. This is due to damage of the blood vessels and is a classic symptom of diabetes.


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