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Jazz Jennings Is 3 Months Away from Gender Reassignment. Celebrates Weight Loss With a Burger

At the beginning of season four of TLC's “I Am Jazz,” Jazz Jennings opened up about the challenge that could prevent her from scheduling a date for her gender reassignment surgery.

Jazz's surgeon, Dr. Marci Bowers, told the 17-year-old that if she didn't lose 30 pounds, she wasn't going to be able to perform the surgery for her.

Jazz Jennings/YouTube

That's when Jazz opened up about her battle with binge eating disorder.

As the show revealed, Jazz had been binge eating behind her parents' backs, by sneaking junk food up to her room and hiding the wrappers in drawers. She took to YouTube to address her recent weight gain, telling her fans:

"If you don't know what that is, it's basically when you get a whole bunch of food and you go on a binge. You eat all of it, you overconsume and it causes you to have regret after and you feel bad about yourself and your body, but you still do it anyway because in that moment you get comfort and joy.  I never thought that this would happen to me and that I would be going through something like this, but having an eating disorder is very difficult and so many people struggle with it."

She continued:

“I have lost some weight from my heaviest point, however, I'm still not quite where I want to be and I'm just trying my hardest, you know? [...] I obviously have to lose this weight for myself, that's the priority. However, I have a whole family that I don't want to let down. They've been so amazing and I want to be there for them, too, and you know, make them proud.”

Throughout the rest of the season, Jazz openly discussed the difficult time she was having trying to lose the weight; in the end, will power and hypnosis therapy proved stronger than her eating disorder.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

After Jazz lost 12 pounds by the end of the season, Dr. Bowers told her that she was encouraged by her commitment to losing weight and set Jazz's surgery date for June 20, 2018.

However, that didn't mean Jazz could let up, because she still needed to lose 18 pounds to get her reassignment surgery done.

On Instagram, Jazz posted a picture of her progress three months before surgery. She told her fans she was going to celebrate her new physique by treating herself to a burger:

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

Here is a comparison to what Jazz looked like in September 2017 to present day:

It's unclear just how much total weight Jazz has lost so far, but it seems as though she's making significant progress.

And her Instagram followers couldn't be happier for her.