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Mom Came Home From Running Errands to Find 2-Year-Old ‘Frozen’ on Porch. Now Both Parents Are Facing Charges

Ohio mom Tierra M. Williams left her two-year-old daughter in the care of the child's father on February 2 when she went to run errands with her son.

But she could have never guessed that she'd find little Wynter Parker dead on the porch of their family home when she returned.

According to WOIO, Dariaun D. Parker worked a night shift job and was tired when he was put in charge of watching the infant girl, so he decided to lay down for a nap alongside the two-year-old.

But little Wynter didn't stay put, said the family on their GoFundMe.

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Dashanda Parker/GoFundMe[/caption]

The girl's grandmother, Dashanda Parker, wrote:

While Wynter and her Dad slept peacefully, Wynter being the growing, curious, ambitious toddler that she is awoken from her nap without disturbing Dad and left our home. No one was aware that she was outside in the snowfall, in freezing temperatures with life slipping away from her, dying.

According to New York Post, the child's mother returned home to find Wynter unresponsive on the porch. She called 911 screaming “She's frozen!”

Wynter was taken to a nearby hospital where she died from the severe hypothermia. Temperatures in the area were around 12 and 19 degrees on the day that she died, Akron Beacon Journal reported.

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Akron Police Department[/caption]

The child's grandmother wrote:

She was immediately rushed to the hospital where a team of doctors tried everything they could to save my baby girl but within hours she succumbed to her injuries. There was nothing more that could be done. It was too late.

According to earlier reports, neighbor Crystal Lucas said she often saw the family's children wandering outside unattended. She said:

“I've had to take the baby home 'cause she'll be outside playing. It was a few times that I had to take both of her kids home.”

Both parents have since been charged with felony child endangering following the death of their little girl, WOIO reports.

They will head to court on Friday.