Mom Learns Son Was Playing Pranks With Police Car. They Head to Station With Soap and a Sponge...


Mom Learns Son Was Playing Pranks With Police Car. They Head to Station With Soap and a Sponge...

Their sons may have been playing pranks with police cars, but the Watsonville Police Department says these two moms are an example of "parenting done right."

As the department from Watsonville, California, wrote on Facebook, they recently heard from two mothers who were mortified at their sons' behavior.

The moms had found a video their sons had posted on social media. In the video, one of the boys filmed as the other jumped onto a Watsonville patrol car, ran up the hood and over the roof, then jumped off again.

The patrol car was fine, but that wasn't good enough for the two angry moms. The police department wrote:

The mothers wanted their sons to face some consequences for their actions. Thankfully, there was no damage to the patrol car. The mothers insisted on bringing their boys down to the [police department] to apologize to our officers.  Last week, both boys, accompanied by their mothers, spoke to a group of about 20 officers and apologized for their actions.

And the moms didn't leave it at an apology. They made sure their sons learned their lessons. One committed her son to a week of community service when he would otherwise be enjoying a vacation:

One mother explained that her son would do community service at a local food bank during spring break.

And the other made sure the entire family took part in expressing their appreciation of the police:

The other mother insisted that their whole family wash our patrol cars to make up for what her son had done.

Watsonville police shared photos from the car washing session on Facebook, where many members of the community joined in to praise the parents.

As the police department wrote on Facebook:

"Bravo to both mothers for turning this into an experience that we can all learn from!"