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Dog Desperately Seeking A Loving Home After Two Years Stuck In A Rescue Center!

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It’s so sad to see that we still have kill shelters, without enough public outcry and pressure on every state to outlaw kill shelters, it may never happen, one organization is really doing its bit to save doggies on the kill list…

We are talking about ‘Dog Star Rescue’ who have made a mission for themselves to take doggies out from a kill list, help them recover and give them a second chance!

One such dog, called Cesara ended up at a huge public shelter in South Carolina, she was on the euthanasia list because she had heart-worm.

Dog Star Rescue, based in Connecticut transported her to them and they nurtured her back to health and tried to find a home for her, she really is a lucky doggie!

That all happened about two years ago, sadly though Cesara is still now waiting for a home and her forever family to take her away and love her.

No one knows why this one poor dog is still stuck looking for a home after all this time still, she really is having no luck at all!

Every last person who works and sees Cesara really falls in love with her, she is really a lovely dog, she just needs a little break to find her forever home.

Megan Casagrande of Dog Star Rescue said:

“She’s been featured on our website, Instagram and Facebook, she’s attended almost every adoption event that’s been held, and she’s had advocates in each and every volunteer that has come to personally know her, yet it’s like she’s completely invisible to the outside world.”

She really is a dog that loves meeting new people and she is always happy and joyful, very happy to see anyone that comes to her, she is not shy or nervous and seems to always be up for an adventure too!

Whatever anyone wanted to do, she would be so happy to be there with them, running, walking, rock climbing, you name it!

She is not so great with other animals though, she would have to be the only pet in the family and this could be one reason that discourages people from adopting her.

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