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Lost Dog, When Found, Rejected By His Owner, He Desperately Needs A Home!

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Dog’s really do seem to have more feelings than some people give them credit for, this story is about a doggie who was deeply sad because his owner didn’t want him anymore…

This scared and desperate doggie was completely heartbroken to find himself homeless and roaming the streets all alone.

He ended up finding his way onto a railway and that’s where the rescue group “Howl Of A Dog” found this lovely pooch…

It was far too dangerous to try to recover him there at the railway because it would be far to easy for him to get scared and run into an oncoming train!

They tried to follow him, a little like herding him, to a safe location, very carefully, of course, that’s when they also saw he had a limp.

He looked like he really needed treatment for his leg, but also they saw that he had a scar just by his left eye, probably a past wound.

They successfully recused him and then thought that there would be a happy reunion with his owner, but it really was not meant to be at all, instead, all they had, was some really sad news…

The rescuers contracted the owner of the dog, however, the guy shouted at them, he said, quite rudely, that he didn’t want him back and they could do what they liked with the dog.

This poor doggie, Bobi he was called, had run away and literally run as far as he could away, he had covered quite a distance, 10 miles in total!

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