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7 Easter Requests From a Dog

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The family dog has a few things for you to consider

Easter weekend is likely full of family activities, mainly centrally focused around food. When you’re celebrating Easter, don’t forget the family dog! Here are a few things canines would like you to keep in mind:



Keep that chocolate away from me – I don’t know I shouldn’t have it!

Number one and most important on this list — don’t forget that chocolate is bad for me! Methylxanthines, the caffeine-like chemical in chocolate, can cause illness or possibly death. Make sure your kids keep their chocolate treats up high and account for all the chocolate eggs you hide when the hunt is over! Here is the Pet Poison Helpline.

We don’t need any real rabbits up in this house

We’re good with just the dog (me). Rabbits aren’t great pets. Some people love ‘em, and kudos to those people, but don’t surprise your kid with a bunny just because it’s Easter. Nobody is going to want to clean the cage and guess what? Rabbits live for like twenty years. It’s a commitment you should think about before too many rabbits end up at the shelter.



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