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Mom Hears Moaning Coming From Baby Monitor, Rushes Into Nursery To Discover Baby Isn’t Alone

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Roy and Bernita Rogers always wanted to be parents. So after they got married, they began trying for a baby immediately. Sadly, parenthood didn’t seem to be in the cards for the couple. Despite getting pregnant on three different occasions, Bernita gave birth prematurely every time. None of the babies survived, and Roy and Bernita were heartbroken.

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“There’s a place that you don’t know will ever be filled,” Bernita said. “That love you have for a child, a child you can nurture and hold. And you reach a point that you know it’s going to be a hole in your heart, that nothing quite fills.”

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Then an adorable stray kitten named Midnight walked into their lives. His presence not only helped them heal from their heartache, but seemed to act as a lucky charm…because a year later, the couple found themselves expecting a baby again. And this time, Bernice gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Stacey.

“I do believe Stacey’s birth was a miracle,” Bernita said. “I don’t know that I can put into words … how long we waited and how special that made her.”

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Midnight soon took to acting as Stacey’s own personal bodyguard. In fact, he even ended up saved her life. When Stacey was six weeks old, she got sick. A pediatrician told Bernita it was nothing more than a cold, so she took her baby home and put her to sleep in her crib before joining her parents, who happened to be visiting that day, downstairs.

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While the trio was talking, Midnight suddenly rushed into the room, jumping up and down on Bernita’s lap. She didn’t think too much of it before Midnight dashed out of the room again. But when she heard terrifying screeches and wails coming from the baby monitor, she knew something was wrong.

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