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Press these Acupuncture Points to Treat Insomnia

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could simply push a button and watch all your problems go away? Well, according to many people, it is possible to fall asleep simply by pressing some acupuncture points. Countless people are suffering from insomnia.

That is why we recommend acupuncture.

It can help you improve your quality of sleep and get rid of insomnia. The Chinese have long been using this ancient technique. That is why you should definitely inspire other people to try it as well.

Which Acupuncture Points to Press to Fall Asleep?

There are many acupuncture points that are present in our bodies. However, only 3 of them can help you fall asleep.

Point No. 1

According to Modern Reflexology, the most useful point for treating even insomnia is the Great Rushing.

This point is located on the skin between the big and second toe on the top of your foot.

Press your acupuncture point exactly as this picture shows.


Point No. 2

The second acupuncture point that can help with insomnia is located on your arm. You can find it 3 finger widths above your wrist, between the tendons.

Try to press that acupuncture point as you can see in the picture below. This point is called the Inner Gate. For best results, hold it for 5 minutes and release.


Point No. 3

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