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Dirty Little Secrets: Celebrities That Can’t Hide Their Smoking Habits

Despite the appearances of celebrities after getting their makeup and hair done, toned and tanned skin and killer bodies, they still fall victim to one of the most human habits known to man: smoking.

Whether they are trying their best to conceal their dirty secrets or flaunting it openly, cigarettes are still a major issue in Hollywood and promote some pretty ugly pictures. Check out the craziest chain smokers that you will never see the same again.

Johnny Depp

Depp has never been one to shy away on the subjects of cigarettes, even telling Interview Magazine: “I’m working my way up to 10,000,” cigarettes a day.

Sadly, we are starting to see the aging star’s physical consequences of his habit slowly but surely, and we cannot help but remember the days of the youthful, vibrant and sexy Johnny Depp!

Cameron Diaz

Despite that stunning signature smile, Cameron Diaz has a filthy secret resting between her fingers. You would never know it with those huge, bright healthy- looking teeth but apparently Cameron has fallen victim to one of the nastiest habits.

Very rarely will we see Cameron with a bud between her fingers on screen for this exact reason as she knows that it is not very becoming to be captured in that light. Let’s hope she quits before it starts to affect that gorgeous smile of hers!

Keira Knightley

Although actress Keira Knightley doesn’t look like a smoker, apparently the actress has been doing it since she was a young child!

Even being a mother now she is still smoking like a chimney, let’s just hope she quits before it starts to affect that flawless skin.

Lindsay Lohan

This comes as no surprise as actress Lindsay Lohan makes the list as one of the celebrities suffering from this habit.

In recent years the effects of the dirty secret have surfaced, especially due to Lindsay’s cocaine, alcohol and pill habits coming to light in the press. She needs to stop smoking and get her life together already!

Katy Perry

Katy is no stranger to the paparazzi shot of her smoking as she always seems to have a cig in hand.

The “I Kissed A Girl” singer must have been singing about a girl that smokes because that mouth must really taste like tobacco after this amount of giving into the dirty habit!

Sean Penn

At 56 years old, Sean Penn is starting to show signs of a smoker with that rustic, leathery skin on his face and the wrinkles occupying his forehead.

Apparently the actor has been smoking for quite awhile but decided to quit when engaged to ex- fiance Charlize Theron. Unfortunately, the two ended things just a few months back and Sean has taken back to his dirtiest habit of all.

Hayden Panettiere

Despite being the poster child for the perfect young woman, actress Hayden Panettiere has fallen victim to quite a few habits throughout her career. One of these being smoking, Hayden has been quite open about her tobacco issues and has been captured in the press several times with a cigarette in hand.

Between checking herself into rehab for postpartum depression, becoming a mother and getting engaged, Hayden has managed to make time for her habit and we hope that it doesn’t get in the way too much of her already hectic life.

Kate Winslet

For such a youthful and beautiful woman like Kate Winslet to be a smoker is truly such a shock, but it is reality.

Despite being a mother of three, Kate never managed to kick the habit that she has dealt with for years. The acting goddess can even be seen taking smoking breaks in between scenes during film making.

The Olsen Twins

Can you even count how many times you have seen Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen smoking in a picture? Honestly we cannot, so this is not all that shocking to see. They used to be so stunning and fresh, but as the twins age, their habits are catching up with them.

Even though the world loves to remember the twins as Michelle from Full House, they have since tarnished their squeaky clean reputation with clearly unhealthy, anorexic photos and shoddy public presentation.

Lana Del Ray

It is no surprise at all that Lana Del Rey is a smoker as she has been significantly open in personal and public photos in the media about the dirty habit. Admitting to be a chain smoker since the young age of 17, Lana clearly does not want to quit.

Thank goodness smoking hasn’t affected her voice too much, but she is still young… Let’s see how that goes in 10 years…


Ever since the start of Rihanna’s career, she has been overly open about who she is and what she enjoys; smoking is definitely one of those things. Snapping selfies with cigarettes and blunts on a constant basis, Rihanna clearly doesn’t have a problem with smoking and doesn’t care much about what we think.

The term bad girl riri as we have come to call her and swoon after perfectly describes her relationship with the addiction. Although we will never say that we suggest someone smokes, she sure does look smokin’ while she does it!

Katherine Heigl

Now, this one surprises us! Goody goody Katherine Heigl definitely struggles with smoking and even opened up to Howard Stern about it. Stating that she started when she was 25 years old, she picked up the habit to calm her nervous stomach and hasn’t been able to quit since.

Even after achieving 3 smoke-free weeks during the filming of Knocked Up, the star got sucked back in to play her onscreen role as smoker that quits after getting pregnant and hasn’t been able to kick it, although she’s trying! Don’t give up Katherine!

Mila Kunis

The new mom is starting to show signs of aging through smoking, even though she is still easily one of the most gorgeous in Hollywood. Makeup helps, but Mila is starting to look as tired as often as she is smoking and it doesn’t help that Ashton used to join her!

With an already raspy voice, we’re starting to wonder if smoking is the root cause of her increasingly deep vocals. Good thing she’s not a singer!

Eva Longoria

Stunning actress Eva Longoria is fully aware of how disgusting her habit is, so much so that she tries to hide from the paparazzi when indulging in her smoke breaks.

Having come forward about how “out of control” her smoking has really gotten, she knows she needs to quit. We hope she can!

Miley Cyrus

Again, no surprise with this one as Miley has been outwardly open with all of her habits and addictions ever since breaking away from the grips of the Disney Channel. Constantly posting selfies smoking cigarettes and blunts, as well being caught smoking on the street, Miley definitely has an issue with cigarettes.

Although she attempted to quit a few years back, the singer was even quoted by Mirror saying, “”I used to smoke, I smoked for three years and they were the best three years of my life. But they slowly started to kill me and I started looking old and I’m only 21” last year. Clearly, her little indulgence has continued to get the best of her.

Kate Hudson

Most likely adopting this from her mother and famous smoker Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson developed the fiending as well. The mother-of-two has not been able to break the habit for quite some time and, even as the face of Fabletics promoting a healthy lifestyle, Kate continues to smoke.

Apparently in 2009 the stunning actress claimed to have quit the dirty habit, but we have seen her photographed with a cigarette countless times since then.

Elijah Wood

Although Elijah Wood is quite a youthful looking actor, the Hobbit lead apparently struggles with his addiction to cigarettes.

Famously caught on camera for giving into smoking breaks during filming, Wood is not shy about his habit and truly does not seem to have a problem with it. That baby face won’t last forever though!

Leonardo DiCaprio

This is one of those celebrities that you hate to hear has fallen victim to addiction because we all love him and his handsome face so much. Apparently Leo is quite well known around Hollywood for smoking, but he is also well known for being an advocate of saving the Earth and promoting eco-friendly tactics.

At least in this picture it looks as though he has turned to the pen rather than a butt, so that’s progress but we want him to live forever so quit Leo! Please!


With such a stunning voice and face like that of Adele, it is not necessarily surprising that she smokes, but rather disappointing. Investing in the future of her career with a pack of cigarettes doesn’t seem very wise, but Adele is a grown woman that is going to make her own decisions as she has made that clear in all of her albums.

Hopefully, now that she is a mother, she will kick the habit for good and get those vocals up to 100%!

Adele smoking

Everyone has their vice and Adele openly admits smoking is hers. At one point she was smoking up to 25 cigarettes a day. That’s over a pack a day.

That definitely had to take a toll on her vocal cords and health in general. She is rumored to be working on quitting smoking.

Brad Pitt

It is hard to swallow that someone as good looking and established as Brad Pitt has weaknesses like smoking, but he isn’t perfect just like all of us aren’t. Apparently Brad has struggled with smoking for most of his life, but made genuine attempts as his soon-to-be ex-wife Angelina Jolie, experienced scares with ovarian cancer.

Currently, the actor has been featured in the papers with a weed smoking habit, not focused so much on cigarettes so maybe that was Brad’s way of quitting smoking cigarettes.

Brad Pitt smoking

But even life with Angelina Jolie isn’t enough to cure him of this filthy habit. He has tried lots of different ways of quitting, including gum, hypnotherapy, and lollipops.

Clearly, none of them have worked as he still smokes on a regular basis. But then again, it would make it harder if Angelina Jolie smokes too.

Lady Gaga

It really is not all that shocking to find out that Lady Gaga smokes, she just sort of looks like someone that would, doesn’t she?

With a somewhat weathered appearance without makeup, the dark circles under her eyes reveal a habit that definitely has the best of her.

Lady Gaga Smoking

On top of smoking cigarettes, Gaga is gaga for the ganja. Numerous times the eccentric singer has boasted about her weed habit, even going as far as referring to it as an “addiction.”

Granted we know that she likes to have a good time, but both of these harmful substances will eventually take a toll on her voice so we hope she stops soon!

Ashton Kutcher

You would not really guess Ashton to be a heavy smoker, but the reality of his habit used to be quite real.

Up to 40 cigarettes a day, the new dad definitely has been taken into the dark world of addiction, but apparently has quit after the help of ex- girlfriend Demi Moore and Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Good for you Ashton!

Ashton Kutcher smoking

After seeing Mila on this list, we have to wonder if she was the bad influence on the freed actor, or if they just indulged in the habit together but separately.

Ashton was even seen joking about his “skills” smoking before he quit on the Jay Leno show back in 2010. We’re so proud of you Ashton, now just get Mila to join you!


Singer and performer Pink has been a smoker since 9 years old!

How scary is that to picture a young Alecia (Pink’s given name) drawing a cigarette to her lips rather than enjoying time outside playing sports or something. Kids at that age shouldn’t even know what cigarettes are!

Pink smoking

As a mother of daughter Willow, Pink knows that her habit is out of control and refuses to smoke around her and at home.

Quoted by Women’s Health Magazine, the star said “It’s awful. I hate the smell, the taste. I hate being around people when I smoke. I hate everything about it. I’m an asthmatic singing smoker! But for some reason, I look at it as the last remaining bit of me before all of this [fame and success]. I’ve definitely cut way back. At night, when I’m out drinking my wine, I’ll have cigarettes rationed to me. But I don’t smoke at home.”

Kirsten Dunst

To us, Kirsten Dunst looks like a smoker. There’s just something about her appearance in movies, that screams smoker to us so we’re not surprised to put her on our list of celebs that smoke.

Just try googling her name with the word smoking after and see how many images come up!

Kirsten Dunst smoking

As the starlet knows the impressionable effects of smoking on screen, she has reportedly gone out of her way to not engage in smoking onscreen.

“I always try to make a good impression by not smoking real cigarettes in film-I’ll only use herbal cigarettes. I don’t ever want a young person to see me smoking in a scene and think it’s cool.” Thanks Kirsten!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Although SJP’s body has always been rockin’ her skin is starting to feel the effects of the smoking habit she has been carrying on for years.

Blaming it on her iconic Sex and the City role of Carrie, Sarah can reportedly smoke on and off and has attempted to quite several times.

Sarah Jessica Parker smoking

Apparently SJP’s son James hates when he catches his mom smoking so in recent years Sarah has been making it a habit to cut the habit. Even though the starlet blames Carrie for this disgusting habit, she is fully aware of what it is doing to her and her children.

“Sarah doesn’t even finish her cigarettes at this point. She’ll take three or four puffs and then toss it, but light up another one shortly after,” the source dished. “It’s an anxiety coping mechanism for her” reported by

Gwyneth Paltrow

Known as one of the snobbiest celebs in Hollywood, Gwyneth Paltrow might just be the most hypocritical of all.

Constantly promoting a “healthy and organic” lifestyle and publicly judging those who don’t follow suit, we don’t consider her gross habit very “organic.”

Gwyneth Paltrow Quitting

Thankfully, Paltrow learned the error of her ways and reportedly quit smoking when she was pregnant with her first child, Apple.

Now, the celebrity only indulges in one ciagrette a week, on Saturday nights. Still not great, but we guess it’s better than before!

Zayn Malik

UK based former One Direction star Zayn Malik definitely has a problem with smoking and he knows it.

Upsetting boy-crazed fans on several occasions, the singer has posted pictures openly about his relationships with marijuana and cigarettes.

Zayn Smoking

In one interview, he said “At the moment I’m probably on about eight or nine cigs a day, which I tell myself isn’t too many. I just don’t want it to affect my health.”

He continued: “When I get older, I don’t want to be one of those dads that can’t jog through the park without running out of breath after ten minutes. It’s proving difficult.”

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, X Factor and American Idol judge, is no stranger to the habit of smoking.

Joking that he was smoking 80 cigarettes a day, the former singer knows that he has a problem, especially as his young song Eric continues to grow.

Still Smokin’

As he makes attempts to quit at the expense of his son, Simon has recently turned to vape pens.

Claiming that he even indulged in hypnotherapy desperately, he says that the experience only made him want to smoke more and the first thing he did when he got out was light up. Yikes! But, at least he’s trying!

Emily Blunt

The stunning Emily Blunt may not look like one to have dirty little habits like smoking with that flawless skin of hers, but she knows the addiction all too well.

Although she has managed to escape the paparazzi for years with a cigarette-in-hand, she has been caught a few times, like in this particular photo, enjoying a drag with her coffee.

Babies Tend To Change Things

More recently, Blunt has stated that she is not going to give into temptation of the white stick due to the birth of her second son.

Luckily, her skin hasn’t quite seen the effects of cigarette use. However, if she goes back on this statement, we might just start seeing the physical damage that this disgusting habit eventually creates.


UK singer of U2 is yet another celebrity that has become a victim of tobacco’s cruel and gradual effects.

In the 90’s, the singer even had to receive nodes surgery due to sinus issues, which we can only assume were worsened with the gross habit.

After Surgery

According to some sources, Bono quit smoking when he was admitted to hospital during a 1997 tour, after his after smoking seemed to affect his singing voice.

Didn’t last long though as he has been frequently seen puffing up in the streets of London. It seems that despite a successful career, smoking has been the one vice that Bono can’t quite kick!

Elisabeth Röhm

The German “One Life to Live” actress has engaged in the activity of smoking for most of her life and does not seem to stay out of the spotlight without a cigarette between her fingers.

Starting at the age of 16, the actress, now with an adorable daughter, has been making strides to kick the nasty obsession.

No Comment

Although Röhm doesn’t publicly comment on her vices, she’s spotted out and about with cigarettes so often that it’s safe to assume she’s a regular smoker.

And she looks very comfortable smoking for her television roles, as well.

Benicio Del Toro

Incredible Brad Pitt-look-alike actor Benicio Del Toro should come as no shock on this list.

Born a Puerto Rican god, the star definitely knows what it means to chain smoke as he has been open about cigarettes for years.

Life imitating art

Not only is Del Toro a cigarette smoker, but he has even vouched for the healthy and potentially helpful effects of marijuana in the press.

In an interview with The Sydney Daily Telegraph, he said “I think that marijuana grows in the ground and helps many people in need. Why should it be treated like it’s a hell drug when it’s not as bad as alcohol?”

Courtney Love

Do you ever see a picture of Courtney Love without a cigarette in her hand? We don’t, she may as well be the poster child for cigarettes alone so welcome to the list Court!

After battling an intense heroine addiction for years, cigarettes are just one thing that she can’t seem to rid her life of, no matter how hard she tries.

Health issues

In 2007, her doctor told her that she had to stop smoking because of some nodules in her throat.

Courtney cut back, but said in a blog post: “I’m going thru hell trying to cut back on smoking,” Love writes on her Web site. “I’m down to a pack a day from two, but it’s a pain and each fight of the urge is a little mini war.”

Frances Bean Cobain

Stunning product of the dysfunctional love between lost rock star Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain definitely takes after her mother- and not in a good way.

Constantly posing in a punk rock chic mode, the troubled teen is caught with a cigarette in between her fingers and it’s really not all that surprising with a role model mother like Courtney Love to look up to.

Rolling Stone interview

In a recent interview, Frances Bean explained a time she was hanging out with Cobain’s old band-mates.

“I was sitting in a chair, chain-smoking, looking down like this [affects total boredom]. And they [ex-Nirvana members] went, ‘You are doing exactly what your father would have done.’” Looks like things won’t be changing for Frances anytime soon.

Barack Obama

In an interview with Men’s Health, Obama was quoted saying “Probably at my peak I was smoking seven or eight a day. More typical was three…There have been a couple of times during the campaign when I fell off the wagon and bummed one, and I had to kick it again.”

It happens to the best of Mr. President, or does it?

Younger days

Here’s a photo taken in 1980, when Obama was a college freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Check out young Obama smokin’ away like a young desperado without a care in the world!

Keith Richards

Anyone that knows anything about Rolling Stone Keith Richards or wants to know anything about him is that he is the epitome of a chain smoker.

Keith has even almost killed himself numerous times from falling asleep with lit cigarette butts on him!

Rolling Stones forever

The 71-year-old does not agree with smoking bans and states, “It’s a bit of a drag because you’ve got to freeze your b-lls off to light a cigarette. You’ve got to go outside. It’s draconian, social, politically correct bulls–t. They’ll get over it. It’s like prohibition, they tried to stop booze once. Ha! Look what happened. It ruined America.”

It’s clear where Richards stands on quitting: never.

Jessica Alba

Okay this one is actually shocking! Who would think that perfect Jessica Alba would be a smoker?!

We’re seriously surprised and honestly, a bit disappointed. For someone so stunning, happy and successful, it makes no sense for them to suffer from something so arbitrary as a smoking habit.


With two daughters, we urge the celeb to put it out and apparently she has been trying ever since the birth of her second daughter Honor.

However, we still have caught Alba lighting up occasionally and there are even rumors of her smoking during her pregnancy! Oh jeez Jess..

Anne Hathaway

As a huge fan of the cig, stunning actress Anne Hathaway has been known to light up between takes or walking around the city.

As a public supporter of the vape pen, Anne understands the complexities that come with quitting and the different attempts that smokers take as she did the same.

The Princess of Quitting

Anne was quoted in US Weekly stating, “I had a four-year break, and then actually when I was producing Song One, I started smoking again,” she continued of her upcoming drama. “It’s easy to romanticize it when you haven’t done it in a while, but it’s actually pretty disgusting.”

At least she finally quit once she became a mother! You go Anne!

Britney Spears

This one is not shocking to us at all, with Britney snapped in public with a bud between her fingers for years.

Reportedly smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day in 2007, Britney has surrendered all hope to the butt of the joke.

Kate Moss

Last but certainly not least is the forever stunning Kate Moss, supermodel, babe and chain smoker.

As the habit has taken a gradual toll on her physical appearance over the years, the model reportedly spent $3,000 to fly her driver to Spain, toting her favorite e-cigarettes. There doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel for Kate considering she has made no effort to cease, but we can hope can’t we?

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