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You Can Now Put Your Dog’s Face All Over Your Pyjamas

People who own dogs are a unique set of individuals. It seems as if they are willing to do almost anything in order to make their dogs happy, healthy and comfortable. At the same time, they also want to let the world know that they love their dogs and they will go to great lengths in order to secure that position. As it turns out, it is now possible to do so in the most unique way possible and once you see this product, you are going to want at least one pair for yourself.

If you are somebody that absolutely loves your dog, you have got to have your dog’s face printed all over a set of pyjamas. That’s right, it is now possible to immortalize your dog and not only to have them sleeping by your side but to be wrapped up in them at the same time. All you need do is send in a picture of your dog and before you know it, you will have the perfect pair of pyjamas that any dog lover would be more than happy to adorn.


Of course, you can’t expect to get something this awesome for free. It will cost you about $150 in order to have Patricia’s Couture take care of the process for you. You might think that it is a rather high price but considering the uniqueness of this item and the fact that it is a piece of luxury that most people are unable to obtain, it is something that you will want to have right away. In addition to owning a pair, you may have a hard time only sleeping in them. You might just become “that person” that wears their pyjamas out to shop for groceries or to go to the movies.

As far as the reviews are concerned, you really don’t need to wonder if this is an awesome product or not. Most of us would recognize from the very start that it is a product that is unique and wonderful. Once you start to hear some of the feedback from other customers, however, you will realize that it is much more. This is a product that is quality and the softness of the pyjamas make them absolutely comfortable. Here is some of the feedback that they have received about this unique item.


“I absolutely adore the pyjamas I ordered! The quality is superb and so soft! After losing my Iggy Pop a couple of months ago, I now get to sleep with her every night! Absolutely thrilled! I’m so thrilled, I have several friends ordering after I put my pj’s on social media. Thank you!”

“I gave these PJs as a Christmas gift and they were an absolute hit—even outdoing more expensive and grandiose gifts. These PJs are quality made and the artist who rendered the photo is quite amazing. I will be buying more and the caftan! I would highly recommend these PJs to everyone.”

“I cannot express how excited I was to receive the PJs I ordered for my niece’s 21st birthday. She will get them on January 29th and is going to be thrilled! Not only are they adorable and soft, they are part of Patricia’s company!!! She is a huge fan of Patricia and I am truly going to be considered the Aunt of the Year for this present! Picture pending!!!”


I have to admit that I would also be extremely excited about wearing this particular product. Of course, my entire family already knows just how crazy I am about my furry friend but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to shout it to the world, even if only a limited amount of people see me in my PJs.

I’m always looking for a comfortable set of pyjamas and there is nothing quite like having soft fabric against your skin while you are sleeping. This is a wonderful option, and it is one that you can’t help but love for the first time that you see it!

The reviews for this product just continue to pour in and it is easy to see just how popular it really is. When you look at the specs for these particular pyjamas, you also see that it is more than something to wear for yourself, it is also an awesome gift that you can get for someone you love.


Some pyjamas are designed for men and others for women but these pyjamas can be worn by both. It provides a comfortable, relaxed fit and the elastic drawstring waist is going to be both comfortable and convenient. In fact, the bottoms even match the tops so that your entire body will show that you are a huge fan of your canine companion. The material is made of a poly-cotton blend and it can easily be washed cold and tumble dry.

So are there any negative aspects to this awesome pair of pyjamas? Aside from the fact that you do need to spend $150 to get into a pair, you also need to wait up to six weeks until it is delivered to your doorstep. Just imagine how excited you will be once they arrive!

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