If I Fits, I Sits: Secret Of Cats' Love Of Boxes Finally Revealed

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If I Fits, I Sits: Secret Of Cats' Love Of Boxes Finally Revealed

Have you ever brought home the most amazing cat tree, spent hours setting it up, only to realize that your sweet kitty would prefer to snooze in the box it came with?

Don't despair! Your kitten is not snubbing that amazing gift, it's just that cardboard boxes call to him. Like all of his feline friends, your little fluff monster is just following his instincts!

According to Abigail Tucker, author of "The Lion in the Living Room," cats are apex predators that need lots of stimulation. Basically, they're bored and their need to hunt must be stimulated.

Cats don't chase their pray like dogs, they prefer to stalk and ambush their lunch. In the domestic cat, their "pray" is often you, or if you have two cats - each other.

Tucker suggests that cardboard boxes act as the perfect hide-y spots for frisky feline to pounce out of in a surprise sneak attack. They also serve as "security blankets," protecting your cat on the sides and from behind. Nothing can sneak up on THEM while they're in the box.

So, rather than buying an expensive cat tree, set up a few boxes around the house and watch them practice their sneaky attacks!

Watch the adorable video below!

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