Slim Down Your Overweight Pet With 1 Easy Step

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Slim Down Your Overweight Pet With 1 Easy Step

According to a national survey, a stunning 54% of dogs across America are overweight. Yes, these roly poly pooches are adorable, but being overweight can shorten your pet's life span and cause a laundry list of other health conditions.

The good news is you can make a positive change in your dog's life. You may think your dog is getting older, or maybe you heard a rumor that spayed and neutered dogs naturally become overweight.

This is true to a point, but if your dog is noticeably chubby, chances are they could use a healthy change. We've collected the best advice from pet experts to help you slim down your dog in no time.


First, before you try anything take your dog to a veterinarian. Most overweight dogs don't have a health problem, but there's a chance hyperthyroidism could be behind their weight gain.

Once you've ruled that out, start doing the one third rule. Measure everything your dog normally eats, including dog food, people food, and treats.

Now, cut their daily food amount by one third. Your dog should adjust very easily to this smaller diet, and after a few weeks you should start seeing a difference.


If you put your dog on a diet but don't notice any weight loss, there could be a problem with their food.

The first ingredient in your dog's food should be meat, so switch brands if it isn't. You should also be careful about using "light" or senior food brands. Some are actually filled with carbs that will make your pet gain weight.

Finally, rethink your dog's treats. Most of these little snacks are basically dog candy loaded in fat and sugar. You could break the treats in half, or switch to a natural product like dried sweet potato or chicken.


Remember: there's nothing your dog loves more than to go for a walk with you, so if nothing else works add a few minutes of extra exercise every day and your dog will thank you!

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