Images Of Hurricane Michael's Path Of Destruction Is Spine-Chilling


Photos Are Coming In Showing Michael's Destruction And They Are Spine-Chilling

errybodyloves_jaeboe - Instagram / blakebrownphotography - Instagram

It seems like every storm headed towards a U.S. coastline is considered extremely deadly, but Hurricane Michael is truly one for the books.

The near Category 5 storm has already wreaked havoc in the Florida Panhandle and parts of southern Georgia, shattering every resident's hope of getting their lives back to normal in the coming weeks.

According to Philip Klotzbach, a meteorologist specialized in Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane forecasts, Michael was ranked the third strongest hurricane in terms of landfall pressure.

That means the storm was more powerful than the deadly Hurricane Katrina that ravaged New Orleans in 2005.

Because hurricanes are measured in atmospheric pressure, not windspeed, the extent of their destructive force is determined by how much atmospheric pressure they exert (the lower the pressure, the more destruction).

As you can see in Klotzbach's tweet below, Michael has a landfall pressure of 919 mb, making it the third most powerful hurricane in continental U.S. history.

All the warnings of a life-threatening storm surge, damaging winds, and flash flooding turned out to be true.

The extent of Hurricane Michael's damage is simply jaw-dropping. Gorgeous tourist spots on the Florida Panhandle look like ghost towns. Homes have their windows shattered and their roofs torn off.

Worst of all, as of Thursday morning, one man and child have been reported dead.

Social media users affected by Hurricane Michael were quick to upload the damaged lands they call home.

Here are a few images of as the record-breaking storm as it was happening.

battered roof
The storm shreds the roof of a suburban home. Snapchat
storm waters
Storm waters rising in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Snapchat
biking in water
More than 10 feet storm surge was recorded near the eye. Snapchat

Images of the aftermath of the storm are even more spine-chilling...

fallen tree
It's more than just downed power lines, trees have also broken in half. garrettdotb - Instagram
A T-Mobile store and federal bank is stripped apart by Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida.garrettdotb - Instagram
damaged boats
Some boats are damaged to the point of no return. Snapchat
wrecked home
People's homes in Panama City are wrecked. errybodyloves_jaeboe - Instagram
damaged roads
It looks as if an earthquake rattled the roads of Eastpoint, Florida.Snapchat
hurricane michael destruction
Buildings and other infrastructure suffered the most damage in Panama City.blakebrownphotography - Instagram

We pray that everyone who has been affected by this storm gets back on their feet soon.

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