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It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No, It's Superman Made Of Paint!

Superman is one of the most well known super heroes around. His impressive skill set and interesting backstory keep him relevant in the days of a million different vigilantes.

Alina's Makeup & Body Art decided to give Matthew David a super makeover using nothing but paint and the results are outstanding. Check out all the details that went into this impressive look!

She started by marking out the famous emblem on his chest.

Then came time for the classic blue.

His hair was painted on as well.

And the definition of all of his muscles.

Then she started to go back to add shading and dimension to out hero.

His signature curl was added to the front of his hair.

And then the rest of the features were highlighted to look straight out of a comic book!

Can you believe she did all of this with only paint?