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Jack Russell's Face Plant Is The True Winner Of This Dog Show

He may not win the blue ribbon, but he has certainly won all of our hearts. Olly the Jack Russell Terrier is the happiest little goofball to ever run an obstacle course

He may not be the very best at actually avoiding the obstacles, but I challenge you to find a dog happier about failing.

Right out of the gate this little speed demon completely wipes out when going over a jump but that doesn't slow him down at all. He immediately jumps back up and proceeds to go through all the obstacles in whatever order he wants, sometimes repeating them.

When he goes over the tall pyramid he goes so fast he even catches some air!

This precious little guy doesn't even realize how hilarious he is, but he is an all-star in my eyes!

Glad he is all okay after that tumble, he may want to slow down just a tad!

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