Tori Roloff Opens Up About Hospital Visit: "I Knew Right Away We Were In Trouble"

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Tori Roloff Opens Up About Hospital Visit: "I Knew Right Away We Were In Trouble"

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Sometimes social media can be a bit of a drag. It can involve a lot of people bragging about their lives and only choosing to post the glamorous aspects of their day-to-day lives. This can be especially true for celebrities, who have access to a lot of fancy events.

But one family who is very open about the realities of everyday life is the Roloffs from Little People, Big World. Their show is based on the struggles of family life, and their social media pages do a good job of reflecting this as well.

Tori Roloff, who is married to Zach Roloff, recently shared a post on Instagram that many parents are all too familiar with. She and Zach were at Disneyland with their son Jackson, who is almost two, when Tori pulled a little too hard on Jackson's arm.

What a day. It started out pretty miserable. Actually it was great at first- driving to Disneyland getting in line for our favorite ride (Peter Pan). That's where things went south. Jackson is prone to nursemaids elbow (could be a dwarfism thing or it could just be a Jackson thing).

He was pulling away from me in line and it happened. I knew right away that we were in trouble and Jackson would need to see a doctor. I was so bummed. Bummed because we had to leave my favorite place on earth before we got to do anything and bummed that my poor boy was in pain. Well lucky for us by the time a doctor saw him it had already been reduced and he was using his arm again which meant we got to go back to Disneyland (with lots of cuddles and some Tylenol behind us).

It was a good reminder for myself. I tend to put a lot of excitement and expectations on Disney because it's such a special place to me. But it was a good reminder that things don't always go according to plan and you have to roll with life.

I am so thankful Jackson was such a champ today. He rallied harder than anyone and we were still able to enjoy moms favorite place! Love you Disney. Thanks for the magical day!

Nursemaids elbow is a common injury among pre-school aged children, and happens when two of the three bones that form the elbow joint is disrupted. It's not a pleasant feeling by any means, and when you're away from your normal surroundings, it can be a scary thing for both kids and parents.

Thankfully, it all worked out for the young family, and they were given many words of support from their online fans.

"Poor little guy. You are such great parents. I love how you love him," one person wrote.

"I'll join the other moms on here ... it happened to my oldest daughter too," another chimed in. "I felt like the worst mom ever. God gave Jackson to you because He knew you'd be the perfect mom for him. Don't let all of your expectations get you down."

"My 2 year old had that happen to her last weekend at the trampoline park," someone else mentioned. "I felt so awful because I tried to pull her out of the foam pit when it happened. I was just so thankful that it was a quick fix and she was pain free and back to her normal self within minutes!"

Being open and honest on social media can not only help fans connect to celebrities, but it can also help young parents like Zach and Tori get support and advice from those who have been there before.

Have you ever heard of nursemaids elbow?

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