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Why Jake From 'Two And A Half Men' Walked Away From Millions Of Dollars And His Career In Hollywood

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A sure sign that you're getting older is seeing child stars grow up before your eyes.

I'm at the uncomfortable time in my life when the TV "kids" I grew up watching are getting married and starting families.

Of course things aren't always so easy for children who grow up in the spotlight.

After he seemed to vanish from Hollywood years ago, fans became concerned for Two and a Half Men's Angus T. Jones.

But the star has his own surprising reasons for quitting show business.

The child star

Angus T. Jones in 'The Rookie.'
'The Rookie' (1993)Buena Vista Pictures

After landing his first acting role at age six, Jones's adorably pudgy face and his impressive acting skills earned him a lot of roles.

He appeared in See Spot Run, E.R., Disney's The Rookie, and the second George of the Jungle movie.

But of course his big break came at age 10, when he was cast as the "half man" on Two and a Half Men.

America's favorite sitcom

The cast of 'Two and a Half Men.'

As the troublemaker Jake, Jones was the perfect counterpart for his geeky dad (Jon Cryer) and his playboy uncle (Charlie Sheen).

The show became a massive success, and soon Jones was one of the most famous children in America.

But as his career took off, things weren't so rosy behind the scenes.

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