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High School Janitor's Reaction To Heartwarming Christmas Gift Goes Viral

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High school custodians are often unappreciated and overlooked.

Just think about, a small group of individuals are responsible for cleaning up all the mess high school students make and fixing almost every little thing that breaks in the school, such as electrical outlets and toilets.

For anyone who has been a teenager, you know that's a lot of mess and things needing to be fixed. If it wasn't for these underpaid janitors, high schools would be filled with food stains, paper towels, and filthy floors.

As dozens of kids from Garden City High School in Michigan wrapped presents for their favorite teachers, a group of kids took the time to buy a special present for one of the most hardworking staff in their school: the janitor.

On Dec. 21, Kenna Hermanson, Andrew Cortes, Summer Dyer and Lexi Horvath presented custodian Brian Junk with a Christmas gift that got thousands of people on the internet talking.

Brian has been working at the school for nearly eight years, and is reportedly loved by many students and staff.

“Brian always goes above and beyond in our school. His approach is an excellent example of one person having an enormous impact on school culture,” Principal Derek Fisher said.

Their emotional, surprise video has been viewed more than 200,000 times on Facebook.

Watch it for yourself!

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