Complaint Sheds Light On Jayme Closs' Abduction As Suspect Appears In Court

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Complaint Sheds Light On Jayme Closs' Abduction As Suspect Appears In Court

Barron County Sheriff's Department

A complaint submitted in the trial of the man accused of abducting Jayme Closs finally offers answers to questions that have haunted the public, like why he allegedly kidnapped her and just what happened to Closs' parents at their home.

The document, released by the Barron County District Attorney, claims that Jake Patterson, 21, decided to target 13-year-old Closs after spotting her on a school bus while driving to work.

"The defendant states, when he saw (Jayme) he knew that was the girl he was going to take," the document reads.

Jayme Closs
The complaint says that Patterson was determined to abduct Closs after a chance sighting months ago.Barron County Sheriff's Department - Facebook

Patterson did not even know Closs' name until after he abducted her, and only learned her parents' names from news reports of their deaths, according to the complaint.

The District Attorney a distressing picture of Patterson, who once washed out of the Marine Corps after just a month, and who apparently struggled to keep a job for more than a few days.

Despite once being hired at the same Jennie-O Turkey Store as Closs' parents, investigators don't believe Patterson crossed paths with them during the one day he worked there.

Jake Patterson
In a confession to police, Patterson explained how he deliberate planned the kidnapping.Barron County Sheriff's Department - Facebook

Closs was reported missing on October 15th, when police arrived at her family's home and found her parents, James and Denise, shot and killed.

The District Attorney alleges that Patterson was the one to murder Closs' parents, while storming the home to kidnap her. They also claim that Patterson had attempted to abduct Closs twice before, but was frightened away by the sight of cars in her driveway or people on her street.

The complaint also alleges several meticulous steps Patterson took out while preparing for the crime, including cutting a safety cord inside the trunk of his car so Closs could not escape after being locked inside.

In a confession to police, Patterson also claimed he shut off his car's dome light and pulled the license plates off his car to avoid being identified. He even told them he shaved his head and facial hair to avoid leaving behind DNA evidence.

Jayme Closs
Closs was held captive for nearly three months before escaping.Barron County Sheriff's Department - Facebook

Claims in the document also shed light on Closs' life as a prisoner in Patterson's childhood home, where he forced her to hide under a twin-sized bed in his room.

Patterson would trap Closs under the bed when he had to leave the house by moving heavy objects next to it, according to the complaint, leaving her alone for up to 12 hours without food and water.

He told Closs that "nobody was to know she was there or bad things would happen to her," according to the complaint.

While the document says that Patterson would play loud music to drown out the noise from his room, Closs was reportedly hidden under the bed several times while friends and relatives visited Patterson.

Jayme Closs
Closs' relatives say she is happy and healthy after being reunited with them.Jennifer Smith

Closs finally managed to escape from Patterson's room on January 10, 88 days after she was abducted, before fleeing the home to look for help.

Patterson made his first court appearance this week for charges of intentional homicide, kidnapping, and armed burglary.

If convicted of the homicide charges, Patterson could face life in prison. His next court appearance is in February.

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We're glad Jayme is home safe with her family! Let's just hope justice is served in this case.

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