Take A Look Inside Jayne Mansfield's Kitschy Pink Palace

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It's no secret that some celebrities are over the top and this is often reflected in the cars they drive and properties they own.

Some of today's most famous individuals live in mansions that span thousands of square feet and are valued at millions of dollars. For instance, Celine Dion's Bahamian-inspired home has its own mini-water park with two pools that require 500,000 gallons of water, two slides, a river, water cannons, and a tree house.

While the musician's glass-walled house sounds impressive, there's another extravagant house that caught everyone's attention decades prior: Jayne Mansfield's "Pink Palace."

The late Hollywood icon rose to fame in the 1950s after starring in movies like The Girl Can't Help It (1956), and Too Hot Too Handle (1960). Soon after her career took off, the starlet married her second husband, Miklos "Mickey" Hargitay, and had three children, Zoltan, Mickey Jr. and Mariska.    

The family bought the Bel-Air Spanish Colonial home in 1957 and transformed it into a space that makes Barbie's Dream House look boring in comparison.

Every single square foot of the seven-bedroom home was filled with some kind of outlandish decor, however, there are some areas, like the bathroom, living room, and pool, that stand out even more.

Let's take a tour of the real-life version of a doll house Jayne loved so much.

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