Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shows His Softer Side With A Very Meaningful Tattoo


Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shows His Softer Side With A Very Meaningful Tattoo

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is best known for his role as the villainous Negan on The Walking Dead, but his off-screen persona is a far cry from his character on the show.

While Negan is menacing, manipulative, and cruel, Morgan has been described by his co-stars and loved ones as a big teddy bear.

If you had any doubts then the story behind the big tattoo on his arm will convince you.

Morgan got "Bisou," the French word for "kiss" inked on his right arm, and while it may appear like it's a random choice, it really is not.

The actor revealed the extremely bittersweet story behind the word, and it will make you see him in a new light.

Turns out, Morgan's tattoo is an ode to his dog, Bisou, whom he bought from a group of kids in Venice Beach, California. When the actor came across the litter of puppies in a box, he knew he couldn't leave "the one that's not gonna make it through the day behind."

The kids asked for $300, but when he told that he only had $20 they agreed to part with the sickly looking dog.


Morgan took the tiny dog to the vet for a checkup, but they were doubtful the palm-sized pup would survive. Nevertheless, the actor took the canine home and decided to nurse it back to health.

"So I bottle fed her for a month, and she used to kiss her way around, which is how she got her name Bisou "” it means "˜kiss' in French," he explained.

Bisou made it through the ordeal, and became Morgan's best pal, even appearing on television together.


Unfortunately, Bisou passed away 12 years later, and in 2015, the actor got the forearm tattoo as a tribute to his faithful sidekick.

Although heartbroken, Bisou's death didn't stop Morgan from bring more rescue dogs home. He currently has two dogs, Bandit and Honey.


Do you have a tattoo inspired by your pet?

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