There's Finally An Update on Jenelle Evans' Custody Case

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There's Finally An Update on Jenelle Evans' Custody Case

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Jenelle Evans has finally received a ruling after losing custody of her kids in May. Evans, who was a star on Teen Mom 2, made headlines after her husband, David Eason, shot and killed the family dog for nipping at their two-year-old daughter, Ensley. The situation blew up, and resulted not only in Evans getting fired from the MTV show, but also the kids being removed from her care.

At first, it was five-year-old Kaiser who Evans shares with ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith that was taken away from the home. Evans spoke out on the removal of her son at the time.

"Kaiser was taken from his daycare by his grandmother with no notice or call to me,"the reality star said to Us Weekly. "CPS told Doris to take Kaiser without my consent and still have no legal paperwork signed by the judge stating my kids are taken from me. Nathan and I have talked briefly regarding this situation. [He] and I are to appear in court later this month."

"Our current custody order is still in place," Evans said of her arrangement with Griffith. "Nathan is to have supervised visits and only supervised by Doris. Surprisingly, me and Nathan have been getting along, so I'm willing to maybe let his visits be unsupervised. Me and Nathan have been in contact during all of this. He doesn't want Kaiser taken from me. My legal team has been on this since it [occurred]. I've been fighting to get my son back, as they went behind my back and removed him without my consent."

Then, it was Ensley who was taken away. The toddler was put in the care of Evans' mom, Barbara, who also has full custody of Evans' first son, nine-year-old Jace. After Ensley was taken from them, Evans and Eason were in court to find out when they would be getting their kids back. At the time, it was bad news. In May, the couple lost custody of their kids.

"The judge told Jenelle that she failed to protect the children while they were in her care," an insider said. "The judge heard testimony that David and Jenelle were constantly screaming and arguing, and the children were terrified. CPS described the state of the home as horrific. It was filthy, and there were holes in all of the walls."

"Jenelle was sobbing in court," the source said. "Jenelle believed that her lawyer was going to be able to get her children back and she seemed stunned when this happened. Jenelle is standing by David. Despite what happened, she has no plans to leave him."

Evans' manager Johnny Donovan told Us Weekly: "At this time we are cooperating with the judge and legal team from court. We have no comment at this time and we appreciate the concerns regarding our client and her children. We will continue to cooperate with the court and their decisions."

Despite that heartbreak, it seems as though things are taking a turn for the better as Evans and Eason were given their children back on July 3, 2019.

The news comes not long after the couple called 911 on Barbara Evans, saying she locked Ensley in a room while she went to take a shower and then the door got stuck.

“David and I were on FaceTime with Jace when we heard my mom say to Ensley, ‘Come here, I have to take a shower.’ Then she took Ensley in the other room, and we immediately heard her screaming and crying,” Jenelle exclusively told Us.

“We asked Jace what was going on, and he said my mom locked Ensley in the bedroom so she can take a shower,” Jenelle added. “We told Jace to get the door open, and when he couldn’t get the door open, we called 911 for help because all we could hear was Ensley screaming.”

Evans had also called 911 for a welfare check on the kids after hearing a lot of "screaming."

“I’m actually calling to have a welfare check done on my two children, Jace Evans and Ensley Eason,” the reality star said in the recording. “My mother right now is taking care of my two children. And she just called me, and I’m just trying to call and check on my kids, and I hear a lot of screaming and yelling in the background. I don’t know what’s being said. She’s screaming and yelling and carrying on about the kids, saying that my son is hitting my daughter. And now she refuses to answer the phone, so I would just a welfare check done, if that’s possible.”

In theory, the kids are going to be safe and sound back at the home, although Eason has been proven to have extreme anger issues in the past, so who knows what's in store. For now, at least. Evans is "ecstatic" to have her kids back.

“I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids,” she told Us. “Throughout this long process and final decision, I am excited to be moving forward and continuing to show America I’m a good parent.”

As of right now, it's unclear whether or not there are conditions to Eason and Evans regaining custody of the kids, like anger management or marriage counseling.

Do you think Jenelle and David should have gotten their kids back?

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