Jennifer Garner Almost Flashed A Church Full Of Worshippers


Jennifer Garner Says A Wardrobe Malfunction Almost Had Her "Full Biscuit" In Church

A celebrity always has the eyes of the world on them, but when they're in church the eyes of the lord are on you as well. If that's the case then Jennifer Garner almost made Him blush.

The 46-year-old movie star can be forgiven for some slip-ups as this has been a very trying year for her. Just this week her divorce from troubled Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck became official.

In 2015 the power couple announced they were ending their marriage, just shortly after celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Although the lengthy separation might have some gossip lovers hoping for a juicy split, it seems that the two are very friendly with each other and will co-parent their three children.

Paparazzi photos even showed the pair enjoying ice cream as a family with their six-year-old son Samuel, immediately after signing the documents.

Garner also was Affleck's support when he needed rehab for alcohol abuse earlier this year.

From a busy home-life to starring in movies and TV shows all year, you can understand why Garner might take solace in the house of the Lord.

The star told People magazine that her weekly worship doesn't always go as planned however.

Jennifer Garner at TIFF

"My skirt got caught in my panties at church a couple of weeks ago and I almost walked into the congregation after going to the restroom with full biscuit showing," Garner said.

A little bit of divine intervention might have spared her a mortifying experience.

"Luckily I felt a breeze pretty quickly."

Garner starred in the action thriller Peppermint earlier this year and will be starring in the HBO series Camping debuting this Fall.

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